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Back Pain


My journey first brought me to Dr. Perusich in July 2011 with tingling on the bottoms of my feet and
back pain. As I have aged I have gained weight just like lots of other seniors. I do a have degenerative and genetic problem in my L4 and L5 discs, but this extra weight has certainly not helped the back pain. In February of 2011 I fell and sustained a cut about 6-7 inches long in my head. I have exercised for a long time, but could not with my head injury, so I gained another 10 pounds.


I had choices to make: continue the status quo and continue to hurt or try to change my lifestyle for the better. I chose to change my lifestyle, and Jessica stepped in to help me. My comfort and my health depended on my success.


My journey has not been easy, and I slide sometimes. Jessica is always there with an encouragement to help me through it. I know that I must record what goes in my body, and that makes me accountable to Jessica and more importantly to myself. I use My Fitness Pal on my smart phone to record my daily food intake. I find it easy, and it keeps me accountable.


When it is all said and done I make the decisions. I want to come out of this experience as the Victor, so my new battle cry ladies and gentlemen is “Be the Victor”.I invite you to adopt this battle cry for yourselves, because you are worth it.

~Pat S.

Ear Infections

Harper had re-occuring ear infections as an infant. Also, everytime she teeths she gets fluid in her ears. Through regular chiropractic adjustments, checks, and following homeopathic and nurtitional advice, she has avoided ear infections for 1 1/2 years! Also we have had no doctor copays (besides chiropractic) and no medications! We appreciate the focus on letting the body do what its capable of doing. We trust doc's care and guidance. 

~ Erika R.

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